Chris was raised in church, but had no relationship with the Lord. He spent the first 24 years of his life running from the Lord, depending on drugs, fornication, and pornography to sustain him. He joined the United States Military to escape this life he had created, only to be led deeper into his addictions.


Before meeting Chris, Davi was a very successful entrepreneur, who buried the pain of ongoing childhood molestation in a lifestyle of pursuing material obsessions, drug addiction, alcoholism, and promiscuity. When Chris was 23, he met Davi, 26, at a bar and they married just 5 months later.


Shortly after getting married, Davi heard the gospel for the very first time and quickly gave her life to the Lord. While Davi was living devotedly to Christ without compromise, Chris, after nearly a year of running from God and lashing out in anger, was imprisoned for assault and battery, which almost led to their divorce. While in jail, Chris had a wakeup call from the Holy Spirit. Once he was released, he fully gave his life over to the Lord, and he and Davi have lived faithfully for the Lord together ever since.


As they pursued the Lord, Chris went from a low-income job to a six-figure income working as a chemical engineer for Halliburton—without experience or an education. During his position with the company, Chris was asked to pastor the middle school students at their church in Shreveport, LA., which led to a full-time student pastor position three years later at a church in West Monroe, LA. During their time as student pastors there, Chris and Davi witnessed an outpouring of demonstration and power of signs, wonders, and miracles, that ruined them for “normal” Christianity. About 3 years later, the Lord led them to another student pastoring position in Chattanooga, TN, which they held for 10 years.

In the beginning of Chris and Davi’s time as student pastors in Chattanooga, everything went great, but as time went on the Lord began to stir a deeper, different hunger in Chris that he didn’t quite understand. He just assumed that he would always pastor, either students or a church body, even though it didn’t really fit what he felt the Lord had designed him to do. This frustration, misunderstanding of his identity, and shame of mental battles resulted in suicidal thoughts, thoughts that he never imagined having as a saved, Holy Spirit filled, Christian and pastor. Little did he know then that the enemy was doing all he could to take Chris out before he could enter in to his true identity as a son and his destiny in evangelism.


Since stepping out onto a faith walk on the evangelistic trail, Chris and Davi have seen more glory in the Lord than they ever have before. They have witnessed revival in houses, people getting out of wheelchairs, legs being restored, blind eyes opening, deaf ears opening, and people being completely turned around for the Lord God Almighty. They have watched so many be water baptized, baptized in the Holy Spirit, and consumed with the revelation knowledge of a secret devotional place with the Lord.

Chris and Davi’s story continues today as they personally live a devoted lifestyle to the Lord and continuously witness new believers come to Christ and others get freed, delivered, healed, redeemed, and restored in their identity as sons and daughters through every day occurrences and the various ministry opportunities through Chris Brooks Ministries.


Chris and Davi have been married since 1999, and currently reside in Chattanooga, TN with their daughter Faith.