Stand Out!


We live in a world that’s much like Daniel’s, where culture is trying to train our minds to think, behave, and believe like the rest of the world. It trains us to lower our standards. However, you can’t live passively and loosely as a follower of Christ in today’s world. You need to take a stand like Daniel did.

(Read the book of Daniel)

The world calls you to blend in. GOD HAS CALLED YOU TO BE SET APART!! 

Daniel and his friends could have blended in with the rest of the young Israelites, but if they had done so, nothing historic would have happened. God can and will use you like Daniel, but only if you take a stand and stand out from the rest of the world. 

Why spend your life trying to fit in when you were born to stand out? 

Allow the Holy Spirit to give you the courage to make stands for Christ today that will make Him famous.