Willing to Yield

But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, willing to yield, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality and without hypocrisy.
— James 3:17

While driving home the other week from our awesome journey to the Missouri towns Sikeston and Malden, I found myself in the first leg of the drive excited to be headed home for a little R&R. Throughout the seven-hour journey, I would catch myself gripping the steering wheel in times of heavy traffic and relaxing during the freedom of the open highway. Then a couple of hours into the drive I became tired, namely due to the fact that we had stayed up pretty late the night before enjoying our time with kingdom family. Something happened between the initial excitement of hitting the open road and the sudden lull and complacency of the road. In the lull,I began to gaze at the clouds in the sky, watch the wind blow through the trees, and read all the billboards when all of a sudden I heard Davi yell STOP! The cars in front of us had come to a screeching halt.

I slammed on the brakes, throwing all of us forward but thankfully didn't hit the vehicle in front of us. Now, usually, I would turn to my wife after this kind of situation and say, “I saw it. Why are you yelling?” But this time I turned and said, “Thank you.”

The scripture in James chapter three starts off describing what wisdom is and what it entails. This wisdom is not man's natural thinking process of worldly knowledge gained by reasoning or calculations. This wisdom, first of all, is the purest form of understanding and being led by the Holy Spirit. This wisdom is full of peace, gentleness, mercy, and good fruits. It doesn’t look for partiality and is without hypocrisy. What grabbed me in this scripture is when it says that this wisdom in willing to yield. Yield in the Greek is the word eupeithēs which means to easily obey, and be compliant.

When Davi said, STOP! I’m glad I didn’t ask why. I’m glad I didn’t wait. I’m glad I didn’t ask questions. I immediately hit the breaks! One awesome quality of the Holy Spirit is that if you are paying attention, having eyes to see and ears to hear, He does not have to yell at you. On the other hand, if you're not paying attention then the only way to get you refocused would be to yell out STOP! After all, we are talking about the Holy Spirit whom I believe to be our Sheriff of the Trinity. This wisdom is applied to individuals lives who have set aside selfish ambitions and are easily obeying the voice of God. Yielding in the Christian life means full compliance to the leading and guiding of the Holy Ghost.

My desire is to be ready at all times to hear the Holy Spirit whenever He speaks and to have my heart prepared to easily obey and be compliant to whatever the request may be. Where is your heart today? Are you easily obeying the voice of the Holy Spirit? Are you compliant with the words that He is speaking into you? I hear the voice of the Holy Spirit saying, “Yield to the greatest Wisdom you will ever encounter.” Live in purity of your mind, body, and spirit. Walk in gentleness, be full of mercy, and abounding in the abundance of good fruit in all manners of sowing and reaping. Watch wisdom become your guide to greater success and destiny. Direction is determined by the focus of your heart.