Don't Listen to the Lies

Dont listen to the lies pic.JPG


“Behold, I give you authority to trample on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you.”

-Luke 10:19


This has to be one of my favorite scriptures. It reveals a small piece of the true identity we carry as a child of God. This morning as I was praying, I heard Holy Spirit say to remind each of you today who you really are and to pray over you that God’s voice will be louder than any other voice in your life. In Romans 8:6, we are instructed that being spiritually minded brings life and peace, which reveals that what we FOCUS on matters.

If we as the body of Christ truly knew who we are and the type of authority we have, then we would see such a difference in the world in which we live. We each have control over our thoughts. What we dwell on will be magnified in our lives, whether good or bad. Therefore, in order for our thoughts to line up with the promises of God, we need to put the promises of God into us daily.

How do we do that? By praying and reading His word. It is in the presence of God where we find peace and rest. We experience a love that can not be found anywhere else. And the best part is that in His presence, there are NO LIES. So if you are in need of answers and wisdom about some things happening in your life, then I encourage you today to realign your focus and make God a priority over everything else.

I hear Holy Spirit saying, “There is a shifting coming over the minds of God’s people today, if they act upon it.” Action is required for this! We, as the children of God, must remove the distractions and excuses that tell us we are too busy to get into His word, presence, and prayer.

What are you in need of today? Regardless of the size of your need, God is more than able. As you seek Him and make Him a priority, you will soon see things start to shift! Remember, you have AUTHORITY and don’t have to tolerate the schemes of the enemy. You are the head and not the tail; you are the top and not the bottom; you are above and not beneath!