Ministry Updates - September 2016

We are blown away by all God has been doing in and through Chris Brooks Ministries over the past month and a half. I have been hearing from God like never before and praise Him for allowing us the opportunity to be vessels poured out for His glory. Davi, Faith, the CBM team, and I take it as a great honor to have been invited to stir revival all across this region, and we anticipate all that is coming in the months. We thank our partners for making what we do possible! We believe our success is your success. So many of you have come alongside us as we witnessed people of all ages provoked to personal and corporate revival. We can’t do what we do without you, and want to say thank you!

    As we have been ministering locally and regionally, we have seen an outpouring of salvations and rededications in people of all ages, drug addicts set free, suicidal young people rescued and released to walk in the freedom of God’s mighty love, and abandoned and orphaned (in the spirit and the natural) being filled to over flowing with a complete sense of the Father’s grace. There have also been many healings including: elimination of back and shoulder problems, as well as headaches, restoration from depression, anxiety/stress disorders healed and many more!

One of the greatest opportunities to minister to others was our ability to donate financial resources to a family in Baton Rouge, Louisiana who lost all their possessions, vehicles, and had extreme damage to their home in the recent flooding. The family was only able to leave their home during the evacuation with enough clothes for two days. Now a month later, they are finally in the rebuilding process of their home. Though it is taking a lot longer than they had hoped, this family is now walking in hope because of their friends, family, and all who have supported them through CBM. Thank you to those who gave through our ministry to help this family!

Locally, we have had the opportunity to lead prayer at local schools and bring encouragement to the next generation and those who teach them daily. We are continually discipling and mentoring students and families on a one-on-one basis, and working with couples toward marriage restoration.

The lives connected to the above stories are the reason why we do what we do through CBM. It is for the kingdom of God to be advanced and to give Him glory. Every hour we invest into these lives is worth the cost for us to see them walk in victory, healing, and restoration. 

As we move forward with all God has called us to do ,we are currently preparing for a series of days set aside for revival in North Carolina. I am so excited that Davi will be preaching one of those revival services to a group of the ladies as well. I declare and decree the fire of revival to burst forth with demonstration power. For what we are doing in CBM, I hear the call of the evangelistic stream and the prophetic stream merging together with deliverance and healings. This is an awesome time to be alive, to be able to see what eye has not yet seen and to hear what ear has not yet heard!

We can’t say thank you enough for your prayer and support. Your partnership with CBM makes these life changing events possible. If you haven’t become a partner yet, then we encourage you to prayerfully consider it. When you partner with us we believe you are connecting yourself and your family to every life our ministry impacts.  Your faithfulness in both prayer and giving will leave a legacy for thousands of lives to be forever changed.  

How you can partner with CBM: 

Through Financial Support:

We are honored to provide you with the opportunity to make financial contributions and to come alongside us as we see generations revived in a passionate pursuit of God. You may make a one time donation or become a monthly supporter. We are beyond thankful for your support of our ministry, and are grateful for people like you who help advance the Kingdom with us!

Through Prayer:

  • For those we are discipling and mentoring: deliverance from suicidal thoughts, restoration of marriages, encouragement to stay the course, wisdom, growth in pursuit of and hunger for the Lord.
  • For our upcoming ministry opportunities at churches: that those who need to be in attendance will be there, salvations, healings—signs, wonders, and miracles, leadership to be strengthened, relationships restored, and for safe travels for the CBM team.  
  • For the right doors to be open, and that we will allow God to direct our every step, for revival to be the lifestyle of each place we go, and for safety, provision, and encouragement for our CBM team.