Be Lost in Him

This morning in my devotion I read one statement that had me searching for understanding. The statement was, “be lost in Him”. Normally we hear the word “lost” and immediately think of those without the saving grace of Jesus Christ. This devotion was stating that I should be lost, “in Him”. To be lost means that you are no longer to be found. In Colossians 2 verses 1-11, in the NASB version, we see the writings “in Him” 5 times. First is to “walk in Him”. This word walk can be translated to live. Next, we see “built up in Him”, meaning to build upon, and then “in Him we have the fullness of Deity”, “in Him we are made complete, and “in Him we receive the circumcision of Christ”. 


If I be in Christ and Christ be in me, I live my life, not according to my standards, but according to His authority. So if I am to be lost in Him, I am no longer to be found, and neither is my former identity, since I have been lost in Him. Now my life is lived in Him, everything that is built up is in Him, I am full from being in Him, I am complete in Him, and I have received a circumcised heart in Him. 


Once I was lost, but now I am found, but only to be lost again in the One who has provided a hidden place of refuge. For today I am truly Lost in Him. 

Chris Brooks