Ministry Updates - October 2016

The month of October usually comes with a few surprises. There is so much anticipation of fall and the leaves beginning to turn into bright colors of orange, red, and yellow, all mixed in with the evergreens. However, it’s ironic that so many people drive from miles around, to view the mountains of Chattanooga, Blue Ridge, the Smokies, and the Carolina’s, just to watch leaves die and a tree stop producing fruit for a season. Stop and think about it for a second—that is what we are admiring as the leaves begin to fall and we gaze in awe of this magnificent sight.

In this time of the year, with a seasonal transition occurring in the natural, we have witnessed something similar happen in the lives of so many during the month of October. However, it has been the death of old lives becoming new in an instant, no longer transitioning from season to season as the trees, but living in a consistent walk of going from glory to glory. We kicked off the month by guest preaching at the H2O service at Freedom Church in Chattanooga. On a Tuesday night, with a packed house, Holy Spirit meet us in such a tangible way. We released a word from Isaiah 61 which tells us He has given us oil for joy for our mourning and it’s this anointing oil that destroys the yoke of bondage. As we went deeper into what God was doing that night, we heard the prophetic word, “I want to mess you up. I want you messy with My anointing.” The Hebrew word for anointed is mashach, which means to smear the anointing oil—I can picture it now, as if the oil is poured all over to the point of dripping off in a messy fashion. Jesus walked in this kind of anointing daily and this is the same for us: we have been anointed to walk in freedom from yokes of bondage daily.

That Tuesday night was significant as lives were being transformed as we also ended Rosh Hashanah that night and stepped into the Jewish new year of 5777. 5 is the number of GRACE, and that night we watched a blanket of Grace settle on top of His people in a tangible way. 7 is the number of COMPLETION. 3 is the number of God’s PERFECTION. For the year 5777, by His grace, He is completing His word over the church, preparing His church for perfection.

This month I also had the honor to meet Todd White & Brian Head Welch. After a Korn concert, we were able to pray openly with people to receive salvation, be freed from thoughts of suicide, experience restored marriages, deliverance, and so much more. It was beautiful to see the love of God take people who were once drunk on the worlds spirits to then become sober in the presence of Yahweh. It was phenomenal! 

In the middle of October, Davi and I traveled to Waynesville, NC to release the prophetic word of Isaiah 61 over the people of Life Church. We thank God for the transformation that took place in the church and outside the church. Remember, God is the God of the universe and wants to use us no matter where we are standing. That being said, as we were waiting for a table at a local restaurant in NC, the Lord healed a man’s leg. There is nothing like watching a grown man crying from the love of God—laying his head on the chest of a man he doesn’t even know—and letting him pray the prayer of faith over him, all the while everyone standing around could see Holy Spirit heal him. Then, in one of the revival services, a woman came up for prayer who started out walking bent over due to major back problems and surgeries and then moments into prayer she stood straight up! On the Saturday morning of the conference weekend, Davi spoke at a women’s meeting and declared to the women to not to give up on the promise that God had made to them. Now keep in mind that on Saturday morning, Davi never announced the title for her message. So later that night at the evening revival service, there was a woman who had been praying for years for healing for her toe—specifically her pinky toe. Little did we know that Davi’s message was called “I PINKY PROMISE”. The woman’s toe was healed that night! Isn’t our Father so good?!? He cares about what may seem like no big deal to anyone else. Another woman was set free and delivered from demonic oppression and addictions. To see this lady freed was incredible. Her eyes and face were completely changed and the love of God flowing over her was so evident. She stood to her feet and declared that Satan was under her feet where he belonged. And this is just a small portion of what God did during those 4 days of outpouring!

Just as I prophesied the word of the Lord over those people—both in Chattanooga and in Waynesville— I want to do the same for you. Isaiah 61 says,

“The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me, because the Lord has anointed Me to preach the good tidings to the poor.”

I want to focus on the word anointed—the mashach, as we learned earlier. He has ANOINTED you! He has smeared His anointing on you, so that it will drip off of you onto whomever you come in contact. Your days of hiding are over! When the woman with the issue of blood touched Jesus’ garment, she touched the hem of His prayer shawl, specifically the blue string was considered the anointing. Jesus said, “Who touched Me?” She sought out her healing, but then ran and hid. The anointing came out and went into her. “Who touched me?”, Jesus said. His disciples told Him that many had touched Him. But Jesus said, (in my words) “No they are touching me as if I am a superstar—someone touched Me with a need of the anointing. I felt power come out of Me.” He noticed the difference. Then He asked, “Where is she?” even though He knew who it was who had touched Him, just as He knows who you are. Jesus called her forward. She tried to hide, to conceal herself, and blend in with the crowd, but after she received the anointing, she couldn’t. When the anointing is on you, the Anointed One calls you forward. Your days of hiding are over!

So I call you forward today, anointed by Jesus to proclaim the gospel to all who are near you. May the Lord bless you and look favorably upon you and your family.

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